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Tranquility is free, why not take advantage of it?

What if someone told you having a peace of mind is free? Being cool, calm and collected was right at your fingertips, would you take advantage?

Tranquil, peace, calm, are all words used to describe a very free state of mind. It is here, in this state where undisturbed balance lies. This is not a place you can drive or fly to, this is not a place you can purchase a ticket to visit, this is a space that is within you everywhere you go. The interesting thing about it, it's available to you whenever you need it, but how do you get there?

"Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges, so relax." - Bryant McGill

For the sake of understanding this journey, let's pretend it is a place you can drive to. Get in, buckle up and let's go. Tranquility starts at a place of calmness. I know, let's be real, if you're reading this, most likely finding calmness in your life is an interesting yet difficult topic, but there's one for you out there. So let's search for it!

Find Your Space

Where are you the most comfortable and free with yourself? This could be a space inside your home, space outdoors even a space within your thoughts. For me, there's a special place in my thoughts, that as soon as I get there, I'm immediately calmer. When I need to feel relaxed and still, I take a seat wherever I am, and search for a thought of being with my mom! I think of a time that her and I were sitting side by side and boom, I'm there. Here I immediately feel support, comfort and protection. Now I understand that getting to a feeling of this magnitude may not be as easy for you, but I NEED you to know that it's possible; #infinitepossibilities are available for you.

"A winner is a dreamer, who never gives up." - Nelson Mandela

I'll be really transparent with you, I didn't find this space immediately, and it was a journey of #sadness, #confusion, and #chaos that led me here, but let me tell you, now that I've found it, I'm never giving it up! I use to dream about being in this space and it seemed like a faraway made up fairy tale or something. Now I get why it seemed so distant. There is so much chaos around us each day, that it feels impossible to find this space within ourselves, but let me tell you, with practice anything is perfected.

Are you wondering what this practice looks like? Well, this can look different for everyone. There isn't one set of concrete ways to create your space. Your frequency and ideas of this practice will look different, and that's okay. Let's work on finding the best tools for you!

Claim Your Tranquility

Each week we are going to journey to tranquility together. I'll be sharing my personal tips and ideas on creating a #safe and #calm space for yourself to travel to when you need it the most. When these practices become habits, you've reached #tranquility my friend! Check out my Tranquil Thursday posts for variety of tools you can begin using on your own. They are my gift to you! Let's go!

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