Discover the journey for you

Live More Signature Journeys

Why don't we easily invest in ourselves? 

Investing in yourself can be extremely scary. It's the uncertainty of it all "working out" that makes us frightened to take the leap. Investing in ourselves when we are living in a limited belief system, is even greater struggle! What if I told you I've lived through that storm and I survived? I've rewritten the "greenprint" to my life and I'm here to help you do the same! 

I first had to become really honest with myself. I had to admit that accomplishing the next phase of my life on my own seemed impossible. Creating this openness with myself forced me to start reclaiming the truest version of Crystal, and I want nothing but the same for you. Reclaiming your life starts here. 

I have a very personal connection to each journey that I offer my clients. While my journey was a challenging one, I've vowed to use my knowledge and perseverance to help the next person on theirs. Let's find the journey for you. 

No one is you, and that is your superpower


Your Brand Tier One 

  • Outline business idea, Establish Business Entity (Sole proprietorship, Partnership or LLC), Establish EIN ​

  • Investment of $200 + applicable filing fees

Your Brand Tier Two (Tier One, Plus:)

  • Support for separating business assets, Marketing theme and Establishing social media platforms ​

  • Investment of $350 + applicable filing fees

Your Brand Tier Three (Tier One & Two, Plus:)

  • Website creation and launch! 

  • Discount on a 3-month journey ​in order to transfer the knowledge needed to continue the journey on your very own!

  • Investment starting at $900 (E-commerce websites starting at $1150)

Website Creation 

  • Personalized website that uniquely displays you and your brand. 

  • Investment starting at $600 (E-commerce websites starting at $850)

Live More in Your Business

Living more in your business is tailored for exactly that, your business. Here I offer future and furthering entrepreneurs and small business owners the resources to create their own dream team. Allow your desires of owning your own business to come to fruition

Discover the most authentic you

This journey is for you, if you desire to:

  • Live More in the Present Moment

  • Leave Past Problems Behind You

  • Discover Stillness in Your Mind 

  • Center Yourself and Become One with Yourself

  • Invite Mediation into Your Daily Routine​​

Live More in the Moment

Ready to show up for yourself in any situation? This journey is tailored for learning to live in the "right now" part of life. Not allowing the troubles of yesterday to get in the way of your greatness.'s yours!

This journey is for you, if you desire to:

  • Gain Self-Confidence  

  • Attract the Energy in Your Life Desired  

  • Discover Inner Peace with Yourself 

  • Reset Your Personal Vision for Your Future 

Live More in Your Peace

Envisioning your ideal life, does it include you embracing all the beautiful parts of life, ready for the next task life has to offer and you willingly accepting? Well that's peace my friend. Living in a state of mind where everything works out just the way it was created to. 

Enjoying life...isn't meant to be done alone

This is the journey for you if you desire to:

  • Mend Past Relationships 

  • Build Positive Connections 

  • Discover New Connections/Friendships 

  • Move Away from Past Relationship Trauma 

Live More in Your Relationships

Relationships are important and vital in our personal lives. Creating and maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends, and even co-workers can become taxing on us. Let's learn the boundaries needed to foster your desired relationships.  

Where focus goes, energy flows

This journey is for you, if you desire to:

  • Stress Less About Life's Outcomes 

  • Show More Gratitude Towards Life's Gifts 

  • Find a Balance Between Your Future Goals and Current Circumstances, Examples:

    • Parenting While Pursing Your Own Desires ​

    • Working in a Current Career, but Ready to Transition to One Greater

    • Managing Your Current Finances While Working on a Goal for More 

Live More, Worry Lees

Fear can have its way of consuming all of our energy. When we allow fear to take over our thoughts and actions we are not living in the truest versions of ourselves. Worrying less is possible, by believing in yourself more. Sounds simple, right? It's that simple with the right guidance. 

All Signature Journeys Include...

Your sessions with Coach Crystal are tailored just for you and your personal journey. I provide a variety of techniques and resources that can be used across the industry, but are modified to your experience and expected journey outcomes.

  1. Bi-weekly or Weekly Virtual Sessions with Coach Crystal

  2. Printable Journey Journal and Tracking Worksheets

  3. Let's Connect Your Way Communication 

  4. Weekly Coaching Resources