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Life coach, mom, entrepreneur, and small business owner

I thought I had failed myself! Honestly, at that point in my life I was certain I had failed myself. How did I, Crystal, the ambitious, outgoing, intelligent and overall joyful woman become the victim of his narcissistic abuse? I asked myself this question daily for almost two years, and with all my intellect, college training and optimism, I couldn’t find the answer. 


The answer was in a deep space within myself that I had buried, a place I had yet to dare and travel. One day that all changed. The limiting belief that I wasn’t good enough to be better cared for, the disbelief that I had to settle for contentment, and the disbelief that my life experiences had ended my potential. My purpose and mission were reclaimed this day, and it wouldn’t end with abuse.

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No matter where you've been in life or what your life has been subject to, your story doesn't end there. There are new heights to reach and new roads to be traveled. Explore Live More signature journeys to see which one resonates with your path. Happy travels! ~Life Coach Crystal

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"With starting your own business, it seemed hard to find someone to help you along the journey and have all the answers to questions you didn't know. Crystal was a one-stop shop for starting, launching and learning to expand my lash line. I'm so appreciative for all she has done for me and my business. "

—  Tatyana, Owner of Blink'd By Q

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